ArcGIS - Editing Basics


ArcGIS 3 - Editing Basics (Tribal RoadStar Program - Course 16) This workshop is dedicated to editing prints, lines, and polygons in ArcMap. The activities will introduce you to some tools you know and some tools you don't, and show how they can be used for different mapping purposes. This class also covers editing attribute tables and shortcuts. As part of editing attribute tables, attendees will learn how to create Domains within a geodatabase. Whether you need to edit geometry or data, the goal of this workshop is to help you save time and make the editing process easier. (Attendance of ArcGIS Workshop 1 is not required but strongly encouraged.)

Wed, April 05 2017, 9:00 am
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Wed, April 05 2017, 4:00 pm
Center for Local Gov't Tech - 5202 N. Richmond Hill Drive, Stillwater, OK
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April 5: ArcGIS Class
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Learn and practice editing tips and tricks in this one-day workshop!