2017 OTTC Tribal Transit Roadeo Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017 OTTC Tribal Transit Roadeo!

The Oklahoma Tribal Transportation Council (OTTC) hosted the event in Durant, Okla. May 3-5. Southern Plains TTAP volunteered to assist with registration, photography and judging.

Mini Van Competition Winners:

  • Bryan Red Hat, Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes - First Place
  • Michael Stewart, Chickasaw Nation - Second Place
  • Buck Wilson, Choctaw Nation -Third Place

Shuttle Bus Competition Winners:

  • William Frazier, Choctaw Nation - First Place
  • Geremy Chocolate, Pelivan Transit - Second Place
  • Michael Markcum, Chickasaw Nation - Third Place

Cone Killer Award:

  • Judith Largo, White Eagle Transit
  • Nelda Jones of Pelivan Transit
After training on safety, course set up, the rules and point system, the drivers walked through the circuit of complicated maneuvers to memorize what was expected at each station. Drivers completed the circuit while attempting not to knock over any cones. Field observers judged how well they completed each maneuver. Each driver had a judge sitting in the vehicle during the circuit, noting their professionalism and the smoothness of the ride. To test concentration levels and people skills, volunteers acted as distracting passengers.
Course obstacles resembled the trickiest situations they face driving for tribal transit systems. However, the turn radius and space limits of each scenario was greatly exaggerated. The course finale required contestants to drive over 20 miles per hour then make a sudden stop within 6" of a cone, demonstrating skill in braking quickly to avoid a collision. Drivers demonstrated their knowledge of safety protocols and procedures for operating a wheelchair lift and securing passengers in wheelchairs. OTTC provided lunch for participants and attendees enjoying the competition and hosted an awards banquet. Awards honored minivan drivers and shuttle bus drivers, each group competing separately. This year, OTTC introduced the Cone Killer Award, a new honor for drivers who inadvertently knock over the most cones.
"We are so grateful to the Oklahoma Tribal Transportation Council for organizing and sponsoring this event for the transportation community," said Southern Plains TTAP Manager Karla Sisco. "There are 13 tribal-run transit systems in Oklahoma. Tribal governments understand how vital transit is for their peoples. These drivers do so much for their communities, it's an honor to be part of an event created to celebrate the life-changing services they provide. A roadeo is fun, spirit refueling and gives drivers the rare chance to practice difficult maneuvers they may need later out on the road."
View photos of this event on the Southern Plains TTAP Flickr account.
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Winners Announced
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The 2017 OTTC Tribal Transit Roadeo Winners have been announced.
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