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OTTC Tribal Transit Roadeo Award Winners Announced

The winners for the 2017 OTTC Tribal Transit Roadeo have been announced! Thank you to each competitor and all who participated! View pictures from the Roadeo here.

Lyle Deere Memorial Scholarship

The OTTC offers a $500 scholarship each year for Native American junior and senior students. Apply now! Applications for the Lyle Deere Memorial Scholarship must be received by mail by July 3, 2017.

Mission Statement

The Oklahoma Tribal Transportation Council (OTTC) was organized and established to be an organization through which Oklahoma Tribes can access funding and other resources from the federal, state and local governments to:

  • assist Tribes with data and information collection
  • send delegates to Congress who will persuade the legislature to consider the Oklahoma Tribes and their needs for transportation.

The council seeks to develop into a strong organization in which all Tribes in Oklahoma can enthusiastically participate as active members.

OTTC Philosophy

The OTTC holds to the belief that Native American Tribes are able to provide the necessary strategies, planning and operations of their comprehensive transportation needs. We believe that the way of the tribes and their cultures are vital to self-determination and self-governance. Given the necessary funding, we can develop and maintain mass transit services, roads and bridges in rural communities where we dwell.

The OTTC is an organization that can be the catalyst towards changing the lifestyles of the over 256,000 American Indians in Oklahoma.