Grant Writing Tips from the Pawnee Nation

Let's Talk: Grant Writing

In Spring 2017, Southern Plains TTAP visited the Pawnee Nation Reserve and met with Transportation Director Chris McCray and Assistant Director Rhonda James.

The Pawnee Nation has a strong record in grant seeking. Proposals written by McCray and James to support long-range plans of the tribe to re-connect neighborhoods separated by highways have been funded, including a 2016 BIA Tribal Transportation Safety Grant. When asked about the work behind their recent grant seeking success, the team shared tips and advice for others in the field in the video below.

If your team would like to share tips and advice for the transportation community, please contact Karla Sisco (, 405-744-4764).

The Tribal Technical Assistance Program assists tribal governments in establishing, maintaining and enhancing the departments of transportation of their sovereign nations. The seven TTAP centers are Alaska TTAP, Western TTAP, Mountain West TTAP, Northern Plains TTAP, Southern Plains TTAP and Eastern TTAP. Southern Plains TTAP serves 44 Native Nations in what's now Oklahoma, Kansas and Texas. To request training or technical assistance, please contact Southern Plains TTAP today.

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Grant Writing Tips
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Ever wonder what your peers do when seeking grants and writing proposals?
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Chris McCray and Rhonda James confer with each other before answering what advice they'd offer peers in writing proposals and seeking grants.